Hate Your Job? 4 Tips For A Successful Career Change

Changing industries can be an overwhelming task. As life throws more demands along the way, it becomes harder to find the time to switch to a more fulfilling path. It takes perseverance, dedication and a few helpful tips to have a successful career change.

1. Set a Goal

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and learn to live with it, even though it makes you deeply unhappy. Setting a clear goal will help raise you out of this rut and give you a path to follow in your job search. What industry do you want to move into? Understanding where the career change is headed is the first, and most important, part of the process. Setting a goal also helps to clear your mind and focus on the end result. Without a goal, the motivation to make the employment change disappears.

2. Read Everything

Researching the new industry is a must. Is there extra schooling required, in addition to existing employee training? Try to find professionals in the industry who will allow shadowing or at least interview some professionals to discuss the reality of the field. Look into existing skills to determine if further education is necessary for the industry change. Research how long it will take to break into the industry, and find out how others have gotten into the industry mid-career. Someone who works in HR in the new industry could be of tremendous help.

3. Volunteer Time

Find opportunities to work in the industry on weekends or nights; volunteer or freelance work is a great way to do this. The hands-on experience grows skill sets and knowledge of the field. Additionally, you may meet others who could help your industry change go more smoothly. As with all industries, knowing someone and proving yourself, can only be beneficial.

4. Change the Resume

The resume may need to be flipped to list schools or training before past job experience because, while changing industries, extra schooling may be involved. In a job interview you will need to impress that, although you have little work experience in the desired industry, you are gaining critical skills. Reformat the resume to emphasize experience in the new field to gain an advantage.



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