What to Wear to Get Hired (Women)

When it comes to acing an interview dressing the part is no joke, especially in today’s competitive job market.

Wardrobe Keep it classic and a little serious to convey that you mean business. Traditional colors like black, gray, and navy work well and always err on the conservative side when it comes to skirt length, neckline, etc. Also be sure to cover any tattoos or piercings.


 Add personality to your look with a few well chosen accessories. A signature piece that’s cute but not over-the-top, like a unique necklace or thin beaded headband, can help set you apart from the crowd — but keep the rest of your accessories simple, flattering, and sparse.

Hair Choose a style that’s flattering and simple. You want to look sleek and pulled together but not necessarily sexy. Also twirling, flipping, or otherwise fidgeting with your hair during an interview can make you look unprofessional and insecure, so if you tend to play with your hair when nervous consider pulling it into a stylish low ponytail.

Makeup Again, keep it simple. Avoid dark lipstick, eye liner, and mascara and opt instead for subtle neutrals that enhance your features and give you a healthy, energetic glow.

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