Hospitality Company Growth & Employee Motivation

Hospitality company growth and employee motivation go hand-in-hand. Why? Because the hospitality business involves customer service, and relies upon customer satisfaction and repeat business.

The job performance of motivated employees is generally superior. They also have a more positive attitude and exhibit a higher level of company loyalty. And that comes across in how they perform their duties and interact with customers.

Although good management skills can help bring out the best in nearly any employee, selecting employee candidates with people skill savvy and the right type personality is equally important. When recruiting employee candidates for a hospitality related position, consider:

  • Work history – important, but not necessarily the final determining factor
  • Good job skill traits
  • Good people skill traits
  • A good attitude
  • Good communication skills
  • An understanding of the importance of teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Self-motivation

Screening employee candidates to make sure they have as many of these traits as possible will not only help ensure they will be a “good fit.” But employees with these type attributes will help reflect the desired hospitality business image to customers.

Good Hospitality Management

Hiring the right type employee is only the first step in the hospitality management book of tactics for administrative success. Once hired, employees should go through proper hospitality training – regardless of what position they have been hired for.

Whether janitor, cook, waitress, housekeeper, bookkeeper, front desk clerk, or groundskeeper. Make sure each employee goes through proper job training to ensure they understand the company policy and expectations. And have a clear definition of what their job entails.

Human Resource Management

Successful management for top performance of workers also includes aspects of human resource administration; including teamwork training, coworker relations, job performance evaluation, and helping motivate employees by encouraging them to work out a career development plan.

Another great way to keep employees motivated is by instituting some type of employee incentive program; one that rewards employees for a job well done. Even if that reward is simply the honor of being hospitality company employee of the month.