5 Things To Keep In Mind When Starting a New Job

With all of the excitement of being employed again, or getting to work for a new company, you may not remember to prepare a few basic things before you start.  It may be a good idea to look up what the new company’s policies are regarding clothing, eating, scents (perfumes), etc…

You may not be used to being back in a work place, or be entering into a workplace with different rules, so you want to be prepared.  A new job is an exciting time, but one that you also need to try to reprogram yourself for. If you are starting a new job, then think about the following and try to remember them during your first few weeks of employment. They may make your transition into your new company a lot easier.

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1.  Remember your inside voice. A lot of the time when we are at home or if we are used to working in a private office and are moving to a cubicle, we forget about how loud we talk. When a person doesn’t realize how loud they are speaking, they also probably don’t realize that they could be distracting everyone around them. The last thing you want to do at a new job is get off to a bad start by interrupting and distracting everyone else by speaking to loudly. A first impression is extremely important, so make the best one and try to remember to use an inside voice at all times at your desk and when on the phone. You may also want to try and keep all personal or non work related conversations in non work areas like a hallway or kitchen.

2.  Be conscientious of your co-workers and their work space. Not everyone likes every scent or smell. Some people may have allergies to certain colognes or perfumes. If you choose to wear a scent, try to use it at a minimal level.  You don’t want to bother the people around you, or worse yet, cause someone to sneeze all day.  If you eat at your desk, then pay attention to how loud you eat and the noise you make with packaging.  People who chew loudly or ruffle bags of chips can create a lot of sounds that can interrupt business calls and the people around them.  Foods with a lot of odor can also be somewhat rude to eat as not everyone enjoys those smells.  If you enjoy food that has strong aromas, you may want to take it to the kitchen or eat outside if it is a nice day.  Remember your manners and be conscientious of the people around you.

3.  Stock up on Tissues and Lozenges. People catch a cold or get the sniffles very often. It’s a part of life. What can create a bad first impression is the person that sits and sniffles or constantly makes muttled cough and throat noises all day.  It can be very annoying and distracting. If you have a cold, go to the restroom and take some paper towels back to your desk with you.  Bring in some throat or cough lozenges from home and use them according to their instructions on the package or given by your doctor so that you can try to keep your coughing and throat clearing noises to a minimum. You may also want to try hot tea to clear up some of the coughing if it works for you.

4.  Ask about a dress code before you start. Going from unemployed or a casual work environment to a formal workplace can be a big change.  In order to make sure your clothes are neat, clean and work appropriate, you may want to call the HR department the week before you start and ask them what the office dress code and atmosphere is like (if you don’t remember from your interview).  You then have a week to press dress clothes or to shop for professional looking business casual wear.  What you wear will be part of your first impression on your new co-workers and you want it to be a good one.  The other option is to always go with conservative dress and take the cautious side.  If you show up in a suit and it is a casual place, someone will let you know that you don’t need to dress up each day.

5.  Get a good night’s sleep. You might be extremely excited to start your new job, but you cannot let that keep you up all night.  Try to get a full night’s sleep before you start your new job. Showing up feeling refreshed and full of energy can help you to make a great first impression.

Starting a new job is extremely exciting.  The thing you need to remember though is that you need to be aware of your new surroundings.  Remember your manners and use an inside voice. If you eat at your desk, do it quietly and pick foods that don’t have a large odor.  Dress appropriately for the work atmosphere and bring in anything to help treat cold symptoms if you have one on your first day.  No one wants to catch a cold or flu, especially from the new person. If you love a certain cologne or perfume, use it very sparingly so you don’t cause anyone to have an allergy attack. By remembering these small things, you’ll help to make your transition to your new company a lot smoother and you may make a better impression on your new co-workers.

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