7 Crucial Qualities That Will Get Your Career Started

Experts said that the Titanic will never sink; unfortunately, it did. When it comes to our careers not matter how experienced we are, we make mistakes. So, what’s the lesson? Experience is not everything… but attitude is.

Despite of how far you’ve gone in your career, there is always room for learning. You need to have a willingness to get better at being the best and have a never-give-up attitude. The fact that you don’t have certain years of experience, it doesn’t mean you can’t take on challenges whether it’s a project or a position that requires advanced skills. Stop worrying about failing; instead always think about what if it does happen.

If you’re a young professional, these are 7 crucial qualities that will get your career started and help you stand out among experienced professionals at an interview.

1. Curiosity
Show in your projects that you are willing to change the status quo of things for the better. This will help others visualize how you tackle problems and what you’re doing to solve them. A hiring manager might not like your final idea, but he may like the way you think.

2. Passion
This one is critical because this demonstrates how far you are willing to go. State what your passions stands for when you’re asked to describe yourself. Then, prove it with your work.

3. Adaptability
Some experienced professionals have their ways already, are narrow-minded and aren’t flexible when working in teams. Show that you’re a focus person, but don’t be a know-it-all.

4. Creativity
New fresh ideas are vital for companies that want to stay relevant to their customers. Showcase your creative journey when coming up with new ideas.

5. Skills
Offer a whole new set of skills for the position you’re applying for. The advantage of being a recent grad is that you’ve got to get your hands on the latest programs/software. Also, if you took electives out of your field; it might help you to carry out tasks in unique ways.

6. Personality
Believe or not, how we are influences the outcome of our work. This is what makes us different and this is your chance to show that you’re one of a kind.

7. Vision
Don’t be afraid of expressing your big dreams in an interview. It means that you’re goal oriented, passion driven and ambitious in a positive way.


In other words, don’t feel discouraged because you don’t have years of experience with top tiers companies. Keep growing professionally and keep being your best. Never stop trying your hardest because your set time will eventually come.

Just remember this: “The worst bankruptcy is the loss of motivation.” – Fortune cookie

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