Resume Killers That Spell Check Won’t Catch

When it comes to getting a job your resume is your first (and usually only) chance to make a good first impression, plus many employers have so many qualified applicants they’re ready to take any excuse to whittle the list. Make sure your resume isn’t secretly making you look bad by proofreading it for these common spell check misses.


They’re vs Their vs There
They’re = A contraction between “they” and “are” “They’re going out.”
Their = Indicates possession (plural) “Their shoes are wet.”
There = Refers to distance “Go over there.”

It’s vs Its
It’s = A contraction between “it” and “is” “It’s hot outside.”
Its = Indicates possession “Floating across its surface.”

Than vs Then
Than = Refers to a comparison “I’m taller than you.”
Then = Used to indicate a subsequent event “I went then you went.”

You’re vs Your
You’re = A contraction between “You” and “are” “You’re forgetting something.”
Your = Indicates possession “Your memory is poor.”

Affect vs Effect
Affect = A verb “It affected everyone.”
Effect = A noun “It had a serious effect.”

Even if you already know what all these words mean and how they’re different you could still easily use the wrong one in a sentence if you’re distracted or trying to multitask (and when is that not the case?). It’s more than worth your time to give your resume a second, third, or even a fourth read-through just to be sure.

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