Ever Lied on a Resume?

Statistics show that as many as 40% of us have — that’s almost half! So what are we all saying when we stretch the truth in an attempt to land a job? Employers say it’s usually one of these:

  • Stretching dates to cover gaps in employment
  • Claiming to have a degree that you don’t
  • Inflating job titles and/or previous salaries
  • Exaggerating technological/computer skills
  • Claiming fluency in a foreign language (being able to count to 10 does not make you fluent!)

Just remember: while putting a little white lie or two on your resume might seem pretty harmless (you’re a catch of an employee, right? Why not make it look that way on paper?) most employers and HR reps are onto the scheme and if they catch you in a lie, no matter how small, your entire application is likely to end up in the trash bin.

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