Dos and Don’ts of the Interview Process

Once you land an interview, you’ll probably experience a mixed bag of emotions but mostly excitement with a hint of anxiety. An invitation to interview signifies you are one step closer to possibly getting a job.

In spite of everything you’ve been through, your time to make an impression on a potential employer has come. This is your moment. Forget about the hundreds of applications you’ve submitted and all the rejection emails you’ve received. You must focus on the goal at hand, which is acing the interview and securing a job. Survival tactic #3: Assess your attitude before the interview.

You owe it to yourself to prepare as far in advance as possible to improve your chances of closing the deal. While figuring out what you will wear is very important (we’ll discuss next week), a well-dressed man or woman who doesn’t believe in their capacity to get results and appears less than confident, will walk away from the interview empty-handed.

Maintaining a great attitude throughout the interview process is key. The interviewer will be watching you from the moment you enter the room. Therefore, you should be mindful of how you present yourself, starting with your attitude.

It’s necessary for you to understand how to convey the appropriate message through your responses and your body language prior to the interview. This requires evaluating how you view yourself and taking steps to improve your attitude.

Here are five affirmations to help you get your mind right before the big day:

1. You are the solution.

Don’t beat yourself up for being out of work, no matter how long it has been.

Do prepare to present yourself as the solution to the company’s current issues. Once you have convinced yourself that you are the right fit for the position, get ready to demonstrate your worth during the interview.

2. You are more than your past.

Don’t get stuck on yesterday or any of the discouraging experiences you’ve encountered.

Do reflect on how you can be of value and what you will contribute if a job offer is extended.

3. You are qualified for the position.

Don’t second-guess your abilities or let nerves get the best of you. The interview is happening for a reason.

Do adopt a motto that encourages you to believe in yourself. These words should fuel your confidence levels. Always remember, you are good enough. You have what it takes to get what you want.

4. You are prepared to succeed.

Don’t memorize an interview script or even worse–decide to wing it! Rehearsed responses sound so robotic and unnatural.

Do plan ahead by reviewing your resume and familiarizing yourself with your work history until you can comfortably speak about your past achievements and how they relate to your current/future goals.

5. You are focused and ready to win.

Don’t get distracted by any personal or professional issues. Getting mentally prepared for an interview calls for self-discipline and time alone.

Do clear your mind of negativity and stress well ahead of the interview. Focus your energy and adopt a winning strategy. Put everything that has you worried on the back burner and give the process your full attention. Use visualization techniques and see yourself having a great interview.

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Let’s face it — first impressions count. Studies conclude that people form an impression of someone within the first 15-30 seconds. Given this short window of opportunity, your outward appearance can make up a majority of a potential employer’s assessment of who you are. Survival tactic #4: Dress the part.

In a fair and balanced world, we should all be evaluated based on our qualifications, not the quality of our wardrobe. However, as many of you can attest to, the interview process is often very superficial. Assessing your attitude before the interview can help you prepare for this reality. Ultimately, how you feel about yourself should not be determined by what you wear.

You don’t need to purchase a designer suit to look, feel or act like a winner. The key is to make sure you dress conservatively and wear classic pieces that convey professionalism. Here are a few simple rules to ensure you dress the part and leave a lasting impression on the interviewer.

Dos and Don’ts: Men
Wear a suit (preferably dark colors, you can always remove the coat if it’s too warm).
Wear a long-sleeve dress shirt (preferably white).
Wear a stylish, conservative tie.
Wear dark dress shoes in good condition.
Wear dress socks that match and cover your calf when seated.
Wear a belt that matches your shoes.
Have well-groomed hair and nails.
Don’t wear too much cologne.

Dos and Don’ts: Women
Wear a tailored pantsuit, jacket and skirt, or dress.
Wear dark dress shoes with 1-3 inch heel in good condition.
Wear hosiery that matches your outfit (natural or dark colors preferably).
Carry a small purse that matches your shoes and/or belt.
Have well-groomed hair and nails.
Don’t wear neon bright colors or bold prints.
Don’t wear too much makeup or perfume.
Don’t wear excessive, distracting jewelry.

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