Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Don’t worry. Your interviewer probably isn’t as scary as this guy. Probably.

If you’ve ever had a job interview — and hopefully you have—then you know how nerve-wracking that last question can be.

“Do you have any questions for me?”

How you answer that one simple question could mean the difference between getting hired and never getting a call back. Studies have shown that candidates who ask thoughtful, non-compensation related questions at the end of a job interview are seen as more analytical, competent, and detail-oriented than candidates who chirp, “Nope! Can’t think of any!”

But after answering so many queries from your interviewer, your brain can feel exhausted and unable to come up with anything more profound than, “Where is the break room?” Hiring managers will judge you based on which questions you ask—or don’t ask. There are 3 basic types of questions you can ask your interviewer to leave a good impression.

  1. Determine if you’re a good fit for the company and how to be a great employee. Ask the interviewer what they look for in an employee, what characteristics are most beneficial to success at the company,
  2. Focus on the company – current projects, past successes, corporate climate, etc. Ask whether there have been any promotions recently, what are some short term goals for the department/company,
  3. Turn the tables on the interviewer… find out what they’re good at, what type of management style they have, what frustrates them, what types of skills or personality traits they value, etc.

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