Business Meetings 101: How To Impress Your Clients And Colleagues

If you’re a small business owner, you know one thing is true – once you’ve got your business going and you are on the right way to even bigger success, you cannot afford any mistakes.

Investments in your further work are obligatory, if you want to continue the good work. Connections that you make with customers and business partners are the baseline of your future, and the relationships with these people and companies need to be cherished, as they are the main reason of your progress, apart from your qualities and hard working, of course. Face it – your success depends on many other people, so be smart in making and maintaining your relationships with them.

Business Meetings 101

Business meetings can change a lot, as your partners can change your opinion from meeting to meeting. You should never stop making that extra effort, but rather, approach each meeting as if you were meeting them for the first time. Fortunately, it’s very easy to transfer those “first impression is the most important” skills you used when approaching new clients. Try applying some of these things to the strategies you use during business meetings. I hope it will help you.

Loosen up that attitude

Don’t confuse the in-person business meetings with any of the previous e-mails, calls, or video calls you had with that partner. Your attitude should convey the message that you are interested in doing business with the other party. A professional and serious approach is always desirable, but don’t forget that you are dealing with people. An occasional appropriate joke or a smile won’t make you look less like a business person, but it will make you more likable. Let’s face it – pleasant talk is much more appreciated over stiff, formal conversation. Show others that you know what are you talking about and that you know how to do business in a relaxed manner.

Organize your business meetings reasonably

Long business meetings can be very exhausting and people can get really nervous, especially during negotiations where cannot reach the point where both parties are satisfied. Make sure that you organize your business meetings reasonably. Include coffee time, lunch or dinner time for the late meetings in your schedule.

Everyone needs a pause from time to time – even the biggest workaholic. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to organize something in your own working space or you are going to take your business partners out to a restaurant. As long as you supply them with a dose of energy sufficient enough to keep their spirits raised to continue negotiations, you are on a good track.

Venues for business meetings

If you don’t have a conference space in your office, make sure to find an appropriate place where you are going to organize business meetings (depending on the type of the meeting and number of people). Somewhere near the premises of your company is ideal. Make sure that there is enough space for everyone planned to attend the meeting. You don’t want to make it too crowded – those are not favorable conditions for doing good business. Place a bottle of water on a table for each member who is going to be present. People should feel comfortable – this is the most important thing, because some business meetings can be quite long and strenuous. The more you plan things ahead the more they will run smoothly.

Give your business partners something to remember you/your company by

Promotional gifts are excellent for these occasions. Choose what you will give them, since there are plenty of things suitable. Be creative and choose a functional item to carry the logo or a motto of your company, or choose something that is related to the company you are going to do business with – this will show them how much you really want to do business with them. Key chains, hats, bags, stress balls, t-shirts, cups and pencils are just some of the available options.


Never stop giving the best of your qualities and the most you can give – this can apply to your work and everything you do in your life. You will get as much as you give, so give a lot, work harder and you will get better results and, once you’ve achieved good results, make sure that you don’t stop trying. Continuous work is the key to success.

About the Author

Alex Pejak is an economist currently working on a few projects in Australia. She is interested in topics related to market research and career development.

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