Job Search Tips and Networking Tips

Job Search Tips

Searching for a job in today’s environment can be challenging at best. Most people complete their education and end up working in a completely unrelated field. The fact is that we have to work to pay bills and support families. This means that sometimes we take jobs we don’t necessarily want to do. The reason why I say this is that employers detect that you are only going to be with them until another job in your field is offered. This is what employers refer to as an “over qualified” candidate. The fact is you won’t get an offer because you have too much experience. Here are some tips when job searching

TIP # 1

If you are an over qualified job seeker create a watered down version of your resume which only includes perhaps your last job and some “menial employment” you may have done in the past. When mentioning your education state that you will supply on request.


TIP # 2

Always subscribe to the major job sites with alerts in the various categories  and areas you wish to pursue.


TIP # 3

Contact all your personal contacts to see if they know anyone they could hook you up with. In most cases referrals are like an endorsement and are acted upon seriously. At the very least it could get you an interview


TIP # 4

Learn Networking Tips





Networking Tips

The vast majority of job openings are never advertised; they’re filled by word of mouth. That’s why networking is the best way to find a job. Networking isn’t about using other people it’s about building relationships. We live in an online world full of networking opportunities. With social media growing into one of the largest networking platforms in the world it just makes sense to take advantage to some degree. Here are some tips to make you more successful


TIP # 1

Join local on-line social networks or groups in your community connecting with companies and decision makers in local businesses…not other job seekers


TIP # 2

Join a local Chamber Of Commerce as an individual and attend as many meetings as possible. If you are seeking professional positions this is a good way to get your name out there


TIP # 3

Most areas have some form of a networking organization or social clubs. Most of these social clubs are usually non-profit groups like  “Shriners Club”   or the “Lions Club” where the members are decision makers in the community. These organizations are world wide in most communities


TIP # 4

Even though it is easier to connect on-line it can take quite a bit longer to get referrals as no one really knows you. In a face to face meeting connections are real and the people who meet you are willing to introduce you to their contacts for real jobs.



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