Student Job Tips

As a student it is not the easiest thing to get a job. There always seems to be something , such as the employer wants some experience. The problem is you don’t have any! You need part time but they want you to work full time evenings and weekends. The best answer to this problem is sell yourself better. For most students the perfect job would be after school perhaps 3-4 days a week and 1 weekend day   ( not night). To get this schedule first get hired. Here is some tips

TIP # 1

Make sure you have a professional resume created. Since you are still a student list all your school activities you are involved in, including sports. This lets the employer know you are not lazy.


TIP # 2

Always dress in slacks and a collar shirt. Most employers look at this as an important sign that you care about your overall appearance. Never wear jeans or loud T-shirts, or piercing’s. Once you get hired you can get a better feel for company policy regarding dress code


TIP # 3

TURN YOUR CELL PHONE OFF!  NO TEXTING ! Even while you are waiting to see an employer turn it off! You are most likely being watched by an assistant to see if you are a texter.


TIP # 4

Before you go for an interview change your Social Media settings to PRIVATE. Most employers check applicants on social media before calling them in for an interview. Delete compromising photos


TIP # 5

Always tell employers you are available to work any hours after school, providing they are reasonable. If you start telling them your not available for this shift or that shift, you will not get the job. Employers want someone who is reliable.


TIP # 1

Show up at least 15 minutes before you are suppose to. This on its own will is a major plus in your favor as most candidates either show up late or not at all


TIP # 6

If you have no experience and this is your first job approach small stores or small businesses that are looking for help. You have a better chance of getting your first job this way.



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