Secrets to a Successful Relocation

During these tough times, many individuals are opting to relocate for a better job. Here are some relocating secrets that should be considered before and after you are hired for that dream career.

Before You Get the Job:

Let employers know you are able to relocate: Write a short paragraph in your cover letter about your willingness to relocate and why it is so important to you. You’ll get bonus points if you are willing and able to relocate without a company’s assistance. It would not only save the company money on your relocating costs, but also shows that you are financially secure.

Research everything: Act like an anthropologist and study everything about your potential place of work, career, and town. Become active on town message boards, blogs, and online communities to get the honest answers you need from the locals who know best. Be sure to keep track of your findings and consider your options before officially deciding on relocating.

Discuss relocating with loved ones: It is essential to discuss a potential move with family and friends to find out what they truly think. They are the ones who know you best and only have your best interest in mind, so you are guaranteed to get the truth from them. They may give you some much-needed perspective about moving or your career that can change your mind.

After You Are Hired:

Negotiate and get it all in writing: If you plan on negotiating, be sure to do your research on the cost of living and have realistic numbers to back up your statements. Ask your employer if you can get everything agreed upon down in writing to prevent any misunderstandings and review the terms with a career specialist or lawyer before approving.

Test out your new life: Take a week away in your new town to explore and experience everything. Do not treat this as a vacation, or else you will get the wrong idea of what daily life would be like if you moved. Ask your new coworkers to show you around and stop by your new workplace for a test day in the office to get an idea of the vibe there. This is also an ideal time to look at housing, surrounding areas, and attractions that may be of interest to you.

Book movers and transportation in advance: To avoid a moving day disaster, book a licensed moving company at least six weeks in advance to guarantee help for your move. Invite them to visit your home to give you an accurate in-person quote to avoid extra fees. Only choose the one that you feel most comfortable and confident with, regardless of the price. Follow up with your movers every other week to update them about your moving schedule and packing so they can better prepare for your moving day.