Ready to Get Ahead in Your Career? Drop These 10 Bad Habits ASAP!

It’s safe to say that like many of us, your ultimate goal is to get ahead in your career. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to do that – without stepping on others to get where you want to be!

The truth is, mental toughness is typically a foregone conclusion in the professional sports arena, entrepreneurial circles or the C-Suite, but it’s what these high fliers don’t engage in, that awards these true bad asses the advantage in their respective domains.

Ready to unleash your inner Richard Branson or Sheryl Sandberg? Check out these ten bad habits to drop ASAP:

1. Quit the partying… pity partying
It’s safe to say that you’ll never see a tough-minded individual wasting the day wallowing in their failures. These warriors know that ‘owning it’ is all about self-awareness and gratitude.

2. Rejoice, don’t resent
The stouthearted show true strength of character and don’t subscribe to jealousy or resentment – rather, they genuinely feel adulation for the success of others.  These individuals understand that true ‘grit’ – not envy, will get them to where they’re meant to be.

3. Never say die
A famous quote from Tony Robbins states, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”  And no one has more stories of failure to tell than entrepreneurs –  but you’ll never hear just how many failures they’ve endured. These hardy individuals are more interested using their mistakes as an opportunity to grow.

4. Look in the mirror
The ability to be self-reflective is one of the greatest strengths of remarkably successful business moguls. True strength comes from moving on after enduring life’s vicissitudes.

5. Kill ‘em with kindness
Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ‘no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’  Mentally strong people recognize that they are in control of their actions and emotions; they know their strength lies in their ability to manage how they respond in, and react to each situation.

6. Quit the Kainotophobia (fear of change)
Tough-minded individuals embrace change with open arms. If any “fear” exists for these lion-hearts, it’s that of complacency and stagnation.  Environments ripe with uncertainty are akin to air for these masterful change agents.

7. Loosen your reigns
Mentally strong people recognize the difference between the things they can and cannot change, knowing that their single most controllable behavior is their own attitude.

8. Quit being a ‘people pleaser’
Odds are, any people pleasers who’ve crossed your path weren’t budding moguls. Conversely, those who go out of their way to exaggerate an image of strength simply wind up displeasing others.  Mentally strong individuals strive to be kind and fair, but never hesitate to speak up. They accept the possibility of upsetting others, and can navigate this full spectrum of scenarios with panache.

9. Play your cards right
Mental toughness is synonymous with taking risks. But playing a game of chance in life differs greatly from randomly bellying up to the craps table. A show of true mental strength is shown in weighing the risks and benefits, and assessing any potential consequences.

10. Just say ‘no’ to narcissism
A rise in selfishness has emerged over the past generation.  Factors such as economic climates and individualistic lifestyles help explain this current air of immediacy.  Mentally strong people enter the world prepared to succeed on their own merits, and demonstrate they’re in it for the long haul.

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