Jobs in New York.

jobs in New York City


  1. Ideally you will need to be living in the NYC area. I know what you`re thinking – how are you supposed to afford living in NYC without already having a job here first? It seems backwards, but the truth is that most employers simply aren`t going to bother hiring you if you don`t have somewhere to live in the general metropolitan area. I mean, think about it, with all of the people flocking to NYC, wouldn`t you only take the ones already living here seriously?

If you really are serious about moving here, the best way to do that is have enough savings to cover your cost of living for 2-3 months as it will give you enough time to be able to focus solely on the job search.

It`s not impossible to get a job in New York without living here, and I have witnessed a handful of people do so. Мy point is that if you`re dead set on living here, your chances of getting a job sooner and more easily are higher if you do already live here. Even having somewhere lined up to live temporarily in the mean time will help convince your employer that you`re serious.

  1. Work with a reputable staffing agency. From my own experience, I`ve learned that there are a ton of really bad job recruiters out there who will take advantage of you, so be careful of that. But – there is also a handful of great and reputable staffing agencies as well.
  1. know exactly what income you need. Тhis goes back to what I said about budgeting when looking for an apartment. How are you supposed to know what income you need if you don`t know what your cost of living is going to be? To avoid getting stuck in a job that doesn`t pay enough (and don`t be mistaken – NYC is unfortunately full of them), know in advance what your salary requirements are, and don`t settle for less.
  1. Be yourself, but don`t be a pushover. Ѕo many people go into job interviews in New York thinking they have to pull off the whole “jaded New Yorker” thing. But – let`s be real – no one wants to work with that person! Just because you might be from a town where there are more cows than humans it doesn`t mean you should try to be someone you`re not. With that being said, you have to make sure to own who you are and what you have to offer. Don`t let the strong personalities or fast-paced-ness of New York intimidate you. Go into every interview being confident and ready to be challenged because you`ll have to form that thick skin at some point anyway.
  1. Highlight your skills but also your potential. On a related note, the best way to be confident and be yourself is to know where you excel. Employers want to know what makes you different from the next candidate, so don`t be afraid to almost brag about your skills and experience (without coming across as cocky, of course).

I`ve also found that employers – not just in New York but in general – really eat it up when you explain what you have to offer to the company`s growth. For example, what new skills can you bring to the table that they might not already have? For our generation that is oftentimes being tech-savvy or good with social media. Ѕo don`t be afraid to think outside of the box and present those ideas because 9 times out of 10 it will work in your favor.

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