How to Shop for a Job

Jobs, like cars need to be replaced or maintained on a regular basis. When you grow tired of your current job due to poor management, low pay or perhaps cut backs, you will want to treat you new job search the same way you would shop for a new car. Here are a few tips on how to shop for a job like a car buying professional. Research Shopping for a car requires understanding what needs and requirements you have. You would ask questions like:

Do I need a car or truck?
Do I need 2 or 4 doors?
Will I need to buy new tires for a used car?
Shopping for a job requires the same type of research to identify the right path for you. Use the same type of questions for your job search:
What kind of company do I want to employ me?
How far am I willing to commute to work?
What jobs fit my qualifications and skills?
Once you have figured out what you need, go online and research companies that match your job requirements. The more you know about the potential employer, the better suited you are at qualifying yourself for the job. Apply online to positions with employers that meet your needs. If it is a retail or public facing company, take them for a test drive by visiting them and kicking the tires to find out if you really want to work with them. The Sales Pitch Car salespeople are good at identifying your interests and asking questions to qualify you for the car you are buying. Use the same approach when talking to a potential employer. Asking questions about the role you would fill and getting to know the potential employer shows them that you are interested and eager to learn. Since you have already done the research on the company, listening closely to the questions will enable you to answer well and appear well informed. The Negotiation When buying a car, one of the biggest questions is price and affordability. Often the price is negotiable if you can negotiate from a position of strength. This means having cash in hand to make a strong offer.

When interviewing for a job, instead of bringing cash to the table, you have valuable skills and experience that you can leverage to get you a job offer. The idea is to be confident in your ability to sell yourself and get them to give you the job you are looking for. The Offer Sometimes the first offer is not always the best offer. When shopping for a car you always need to be able to walk away if you are not getting the offer you want. This relates to courting multiple employment offers at the same time. Never interview with just one employer. If you find that you are in demand, employers will notice and want you even more. The mere appearance that you might have a better option elsewhere will make the potential employer give you a better offer just to bring you onboard. Once you have the offer you want, make a smooth transition and enjoy the new job you have worked hard to earn.

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