How to dress for an interview and self-promote

Dressing for an interview can be quite challenging for most people as each job may not have the same dress requirement. For example you would not dress the same for an Auto Mechanic position as you would for a Sales Manager position.

WOMEN’s Interview Attire
•Solid color, conservative suit,
•Coordinated blouse
•Moderate shoes
•Minimal jewelry
•Neat, professional hairstyle – stay away from bright colors
•Tan or light hosiery
•Minimal make-up & perfume
•Manicured nails
MEN’s  Interview Attire
•Dark socks, professional shoes ( should polish ) Stay away from sneakers !
•Very limited jewelry – remove piercing’s ( Depending on the type of Job)
•Cover tattoos ( especially very conservative position)
•Neat, neutral hairstyle – stay away from using too much gel
•Go easy on the aftershave- minimal
•Neatly trimmed nails
•Portfolio or briefcase – should always carry resume in at least a folder
•Just before an interview do not smoke as you will turn off a non smoker interviewer
•Shirt jacket and tie
•Dark slacks , collar shirt, dress shoes (no T-shirts or logo’ d shirts )
•Use dark colors if possible
•Hygiene is very important – Make sure you shower and use deodorant as body odor can be a real turn off
If you are looking for work be as loud about it as possible. This is the best way for you to get the word out. If friends and associates know you are looking and they run across someone hiring, they more than likely will drop your name with an endorsement. If people don’t know that you are looking they can’t help you. This also comes true even on the online world. On your social media announce on your wall or your profile that you are job searching and get people to post any ideas or contacts that you can call. It all works!

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