How to Create Your Dream Job in 10 Steps

Have you ever felt ‘boxed in’ in your job, unable to showcase your true talent or full potential? Have you been itching to submit your ideas to enhance your company’s cloud infrastructure, or become involved in marketing’s next roll out but unclear of how to become your own personal change agent?
We’ve all been there – a job where your daydreams of branching out as a superstar web designer or ad agency pitchman is all you can think about. If yearning for that break out role, there are some simple steps you can take that will help showcase your hidden talent, and get you noticed. Here are 10 steps to help you create your dream job:

  1. Begin by narrowing your areas of interest. Highlight a single passion on which you most want to capitalize.
  2. Craft a personal ‘mission statement’. Be as specific as possible and include all pertinent accomplishments such as project or contract work; proposals or recommendations that were ultimately implemented, or consultant work you successfully completed. Franklin Covey’s site offers an array of resources geared to enabling an individual’s greatness, including a Mission Statement builder. The site also houses a Mission Statement Inspiration Wall that posts real-time mission excerpts from individuals all over the world.
  3. Be sure to include only those concepts that ignite your passion and feed your sense of purpose.
  4. Next, seek out a like-minded authority in your field of interest – someone whom you admire and whose qualities and values most resemble your own.
  5. Haven’t formally met with your soon-to-be mentor just yet? No problem! Send a calendar invite for an informal 1:1, or, offer to meet for coffee. Prefer a less direct approach? Ask a colleague or mutual acquaintance if they’d be willing to handle the introductions.
  6. Be clear about why you sought out this individual for guidance; what you want to accomplish in your 1:1 time, and be sure to expound on your overall mission objective.
  7. If appropriate, request time to shadow them or one of their counterparts for a day.
  8. Don’t shy away from self-promotion – this is the precise time to be outspoken. If you’re highly analytical, list that, and be prepared to elaborate on some examples. Oftentimes, intimidation keeps us from being authentic and from asking for what we truly want. Self promotion, when done appropriately, is totally okay! The worst anyone can ever say is ‘no thanks’.
  9. Don’t forget to always keep the end in mind. Think about if you were to receive another individual’s mentoring request – what would resonate with you enough to embrace their mentorship needs? Which approach or narratives would you most be receptive to?
  10. Finally, always acknowledge whatever time or introductions your mentor extends you. A formal thank you note/email is fitting.

Scientific evidence supports the belief that the energy you project out in the universe can inevitably manifest itself. To further corroborate this is the Law of Abundance, which states: “Manifestation occurs when you place a desire, goal or wish and focus on it until it eventually becomes true.”

Stephen Covey further imparted his zen-like perspective on this in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ~ Personal Workbook: “May your purposeful living mission statement embody and invite your best self to show up”

In closing, in this world of ‘it’s all who you know’, these steps provide a platform to help propel you to that next rung on the ladder, and get you the exposure you deserve!

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