Feeling Disengaged? How to Revitalize Your Career

Did you get the memo? Job security is a thing of the past… kind of like shoulder pads and power suits. In this day and age, it’s important to keep growing. Pump up that resume. Build your network. Be ready to leap when it’s time. In other words? Keep the flame alive in your career.

Whether you’ve been in the workforce for two or twenty years, here are four tips on how to revitalize your career.

1. Think of yourself as a business
What’s your product? What do you have to sell? How are you marketing yourself? Create a positive online presence. Build your brand.

2. Gain clarity
You know yourself, but how well? What kind of work is meaningful to you? What’s your ideal work environment? What kind of supervision do you prefer? Who are your ideal colleagues? The more detailed your answers to these types of questions, the more you will recognize a dream job when you see it.

3. Follow your interests
What do you find yourself being drawn to? Take a class. Volunteer. Or, if something is still waiting on your bucket list, go do it. Who knows what new information, people or opportunities will come of it!

4. Get creative
Not doing your dream job yet? Don’t really see it out there? Get your creative juices flowing and make it up yourself. Maybe you have a fabulous idea to kick things up a notch at your current workplace. Of course, you would be the perfect person to lead the project. Or, maybe self-employment is your route to happiness? Think outside the box and do what it takes to turn your idea into reality.


Don’t let yourself get too comfy in your position. Change is constant – and firing up your career should be an ongoing job.

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