Best 6 Ways to Make Money on the Side

While many of you are in the process of looking for a quality salary job, earning money on the side is the best option at keeping you afloat financially until you land your next position. Here are several basic ideas that could work as side jobs and help pay bills. Our methods of alternative money earning ways are fun and creative but above all they are easy to get started.

Dog Walking

Begin your own dog walking business, which can become a successful little niche that won’t cost you any startup money. Go around your community and offer your neighbors and local people to walk their dogs for a limited amount of time with an hourly fee.

Create fliers and post them on local bulletins, newspapers, and online to increase your clientele. Dog walking doesn’t require much skill just a love and tolerance for animals. You will get good exercise and you can walk more than one dog once which will help maximize your time.

Sign Up for Medical Testing

Most won’t put their body under the scope and become a medical test subject, but it can be a paying job. Test subjects help researchers develop new medications that could be lifesaving in many cases. It isn’t as scary as some may think; and on the bright side you get to spend a few days lying in bed watching whatever you like on television. Medical testing takes place in local hospitals and overnight subjects can make even more money, around the thousand dollar range.

Scientific staffing services such as a company called Kelly Services are the largest U.S. providers for clinical work. You can be placed in your industry of choice for scientific jobs.

Create a Blog

Writing a periodic blog takes a little while to build up and it may not sound too intriguing but many websites offer a good amount of money for blog posts each week. Build your own blog brand then take your services to sites like, which will pay per post.

Blog posts aren’t too time consuming and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Pick a category you are interested in and after a few weeks you will have enough samples to show other employers. After you’ve sent out your samples you are sure to get a gig writing weekly posts.

Holiday Shuttle Service

If you have a car you are perfectly capable of setting up an airport shuttle service. Use your automobile to your advantage and transport customers to and from the airport when they leave for vacation and return. Once you gain a dependable client base then the pay can shoot through the roof.

EBay Seller

Ebay – the online market can be very fruitful for buyers and sellers for all types of things. If you have any extra things of value sitting around your home or in storage then why not sell it to make a little extra money? You can even put it up for an eBay auction and get top dollar for your product.

Many people buy products for cheap then sell them on eBay which can create a paying turn around. From electronics to furniture, the market on eBay is endless and is a great place to earn money.


Everyone has tried their hand at babysitting at one point or another because the job is rather profitable. More and more parents are looking for babysitters and it won’t be hard for you to seize an opportunity. Be sure to have people caring skills and be familiar with the task at hand and the job will come easy.

Most charge about $12 per hour depending on the age and how many children. Start out with your friends and then venture out to local families who may need your services.

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