8 Types of Employees All Businesses Should Hire

Target These Types of Workers & Reap the Benefits

Some Types Never Go Out of Style

Hiring rates are expected to increase, but many organizations are thinking hard about the types of people they’d like to add to their teams. Skills are obviously important, but even the most qualified candidate could be ineffective if he/she doesn’t have the right cultural fit to further the company. What kind of candidates will fit in best? Here are eight types of employees hiring managers want to target.

8. The Go-Getter

This person doesn’t have to be the best or the most talented, but they are always willing to take a chance. They aren’t afraid of making the first move, or being wrong. They have great levels of self-confidence and they’re willing to bet on their success.

7. Mr./Mrs. Reliable

This steadfast office staple never waffles or wavers. They rarely take sick days and bosses quickly learn they can be taken at their word. These types of employees generally rise to the level of a trusted confidant, or the boss’ right-hand man/woman. Just as every baseball team needs a reliable pitcher to win games in the 9th inning, every business needs a competent and reliable closer to get things done.

6. The Cheerleader

This person is an expert at encouragement, with a perpetually positive attitude and eternal smile on his/her face. They’re great motivators and they help keep up company morale, even when things seem to be falling apart at the seams.

5. The Strategist

These types of employees always have a plan in place. They know what they want and can develop an effective strategy to achieve those goals. Employers love these types of employees because they can quickly grasp complex concepts and develop plans for achieving optimal results.

4. The Leader

Leaders are excellent for successfully taking charge of projects or teams. Employers are always seeking responsible leaders who’ve developed their skills and honed their talents to manage people successfully. Talent is one thing, but if you don’t have someone who can harness that talent and manage it to achieve the best results then you’re in trouble.

3. The Creative

Innovative individuals are always highly sought after. Creative individuals can help companies succeed and reach their goals in new and unique ways. Companies need these types of individuals to assist them in navigating the ever-evolving world of technology. Companies can’t afford to rest on their laurels these days, and the innovators are the ones who propel everyone else forward.

2. The Problem Solver

Problem solvers successfully evaluate problems and develop appropriate solutions. They tend to think outside the box, and they are capable of thinking quickly when sudden problems arise or customers need assistance. When everyone else is having a meltdown during a crisis, every company turns to the problem-solver to stay rational in order to lead them out of the woods.

1. The All-in-One

Companies fortunate to find someone with all the preceding qualities usually become extremely successful. People who can successfully integrate all these skills usually generate the best ideas and innovative solutions. Companies can gain a great deal from the services provided by such a versatile individual.



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