8 Things Highly Successful People Do Differently

Are you satisfied in your current position? Distressingly few people can answer yes to that question. Most people want a pay raise, a promotion or a jump to a better position at a different company. Yet, in today’s economic climate, few people manage to obtain those goals. Those who do have secrets to their success. If you want to join them, adopt some of these habits of highly successful people.

1. They maintain a positive attitude

A positive outlook on life affects so many things it’s impossible to measure. Popular advice ranges from “act as though you’re rich already” to “see the good side of everything.” Platitudes only go so far, but what it all boils down to is a positive, effective outlook on life. Be ambitious, not dissatisfied. Be proactive, not apathetic. A cheerful, upbeat attitude rubs off on your bosses and coworkers and helps grease the wheel to upward mobility.

2. They put in the work

There are two ways to put in more work in your working life. You can come in to work earlier, work through breaks and stay late. On the other hand, you can work more intelligently in the same amount of time. Efficiency counts for a lot, particularly when your company tracks time per task through Xero payroll application or a similar service. Combining both methods — working smarter and longer — can be a brilliant display of the talent and ambition it takes to move up.

3. They ask for what they want

The biggest thing holding many people back is that their bosses simply don’t know what they want. Do you want a raise? Do you want a promotion? Do you want a transfer to another department? You’ll never get any of them if you don’t know how to ask. Learn how to ask for what you want. Also, learn how to take no for an answer, when it’s necessary. Learn to recognize when a rejection is something you can work past, and when it’s a sign you should find another employer.

4. They improve their position

Be proactive in your life. You can’t expect promotions to fall in your lap if you’re not working to improve your situation on your own. Take steps to do your job more effectively, live your life more efficiently and to make things better for yourself and others. Don’t step on others to get ahead; work with others to raise up everyone. Team players who support their fellow workers gain their gratitude and recognition along the way.


5. They take risks that aren’t risky

Businesses need to practice risk management in order to improve. You should treat yourself no differently. Calculate risks and take the ones with the best possible return for the least possible risk. The lottery is not a safe risk; asking for a raise might be. Only you have the perspective to analyze your situation for the risks and rewards.

6. They define their goals

No one gets anywhere without knowing where they’re going. Take a few hours, a few days or a few weeks to define your dreams and the steps necessary to reach them. Decide how you need to approach your life for the best results. Create tension between your reality and your dreams, an upward pressure driving you to improve and succeed. This is where a positive attitude really comes in handy; you’ll be able to push down the pessimism and focus on realistic steps to achieve your dreams.

7. They maintain themselves

Working harder and pushing yourself towards your dreams is a dangerous process. It’s entirely possible and all too easy to burn yourself out. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself. Relax with your family on a vacation. Invest in a hobby that brings you peace of mind. Exercise and eat right, to keep your body in peak working condition. Physical stress and mental pressure can cascade into a breakdown, but only if you let it. Learn to recognize the symptoms of stress and burnout, and how to combat them.

8. They shop for career choices intelligently

Sometimes you simply don’t have the opportunity, satisfaction or mobility you desire in your current job. Once you’ve recognized it’s time to move on, you need to take steps to change your career intelligently. All of the above advice — a positive outlook, an efficient process, the effort necessary to succeed — applies just as well to job searching. Opportunities are always available for the motivated worker.

Putting this advice to use is not going to be instantaneous. It’s going to take a lot of work, with plenty of soul searching and developing habits along the way. Be prepared for opportunities when they arise, take gradual steps to reach your goals and keep working towards them every day. When you take the time to develop these habits for success, you’ll have nowhere to go but up.


About the Author

Miles Wiseman is a writer and blogger from Brisbane who takes particular interest in finance, business and employment. He writes about all the interesting things related to job search, career progress, etc.

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