7 Ways to Show Your Employees Some Love

Employee Appreciation Day is Here — How Are You Showing Your Employees You Appreciate Them?

Do You Appreciate Your Workers?

The first Friday of March is Employee Appreciation Day. But as an employer, do you have anything planned? Did you even know about it? If not, it might be a good idea to get up to speed.

This “holiday,” established in 1995, serves as a day to honor workers across the country. After all, National Bosses Day is celebrated in October and we’re sure a few of your employees either got you a card or pitched in for a gift. So it’s only fair that your rank and file employees have their moment in the sun as well. That’s why it doesn’t matter whether they scrub toilets or if you’re managing a bunch of budding advertising executives on Madison Avenue – Employee Appreciation Day is about recognizing people for a job well done. Every job and every employee.

The question is how should your company do that? Luckily we’ve come up with seven tips — some extravagant and others at little to no cost — aimed at showing your employees some gratitude.

7. It’s Party Time

The simplest and most widely used method of showing employees gratitude is to throw them a party.

It’s always nice to break up the workday for 30-60 minutes with some food, (non-alcoholic) drinks and – of course – some cake. As the boss it’s not enough that you simply show up. Instead, prepare some remarks, conjure up some praise and hit on some of the high points and major accomplishments of late.

Sometimes showing appreciation is as simple as some food and an “atta boy” or “job well done.”

6. Arrange a 1-on-1

We’re not talking about a performance review, more like a State of the Union.

Obviously talking to employees one-on-one is contingent on the size of the company, but getting the opportunity to have some face time with your employees is almost always a good thing. This meeting should be very informal and it gives you the chance to talk with your workers about how things are going, what they find favorable and be open to their new ideas.

Employees deserve a boss who truly listens and takes the time to hear them out.

5. Send a Thank You Note

A party and some cake is nice. But sometimes employees are looking for something a little more personal.

Sure we’re in the technology age where there’s an app for everything and a million ways to get in touch with your employees at the drop of a hat. And those are valuable time-/cost-savers that should be used regularly. But on a day designed specifically to show workers how much they are valued, all the technology in the world falls short of a handwritten note expressing appreciation for a job well done.

Employees who come to work and find a handwritten thank you note on their desk from the boss will likely be smiling all week.

4. Time Off

Obviously giving everyone the day off is most likely an impossibility. But there is room for improvisation.

If you can’t give the whole company a collective personal day, what about something a little more low-key to show your appreciation? For instance, you can surprise everyone with a half-day of work. Or let some employees come in to work an hour late, while allowing others to leave an hour early to beat rush hour traffic and get a head start on the weekend.

It really is the little things that make the biggest difference.

3. Make Internal Improvements

If you don’t want to buy gift cards or pay to send workers out, then why not make improvements in the office?

Perhaps it’s a new coffeemaker or cappuccino machine. Or maybe a Foosball table or new TV in the break room. If we’re talking about an athletic work crew, they might appreciate putting a basketball hoop up in the parking lot for lunchtime pick-up games. Whatever internal improvements can be made to the workplace, it won’t go unappreciated by the people who will benefit from it on a daily basis.

2. Perk Up

Employees love perks. So on Employee Appreciation Day, give them what they love.

Not only is this a chance for you to show employees gratitude, it’s an opportunity to prove you really do know your own workers. Give out different perks based on their individual needs/interests such as discounted gym memberships,  massages and spa gift certificates to name a few. Not only will employees be thankful, they’ll also be impressed you cared enough to pay attention to who they are and what they value.

1. Show The the Money!

Hey, we’re New York job site – you knew this one was coming!

While employees appreciate handwritten notes and cake, at the end of the day it’s more money they want.

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