5 Reasons to Start an Employee Wellness Program

Healthy Employees Boost Morale & Productivity at Work

A Healthy Company Starts With Healthy Workers

The health and wellness of your employees is as important to your business as your customers and the products and services you sell. That’s why it’s more important than ever to develop an employee wellness program designed to keep your employees healthy and happy. The program can include a range of offerings such as on-site workout groups, employee gym discounts, healthy, complimentary breakfast, lunch or snacks and even free health screenings and workshops. Here are five reasons to start an employee wellness program at your company.

5. Reduced Insurance Costs

When your employees get sick, you likely pay a percentage of the fees they incur for doctor visits and prescriptions. Employee wellness programs that focus on overall health, can reduce the number of trips employees make to the doctor each year. Preventative solutions such as teaching employees how to pack a healthy lunch or checking blood pressure levels can decrease the possibility for health complications.

4. Increased Productivity

Keeping employees active through on-site workout classes or by offering discounted gym memberships can help increase their overall energy. The increase in energy can make them more productive on the job. It can make employees work harder, which can make your customers more satisfied, improve employee relations and potentially increase your company’s profits.

3. Attraction of Top Talent

When top talent searches for jobs, they pay close attention to the types of amenities and benefits of which they can take advantage. From healthy lunches prepared on-site to taking yoga classes in the employee break room, top-tier talent applies for jobs with companies vested in their overall well-being.

2. Boost of Employee Morale

Employee moral can ebb and flow depending on factors such as the economy, new management and perks. These changes can alter employees’ attitudes and make them apathetic about their work environments. An employee wellness program is a perk that can help boost their morale. With a boost in morale, employees are more likely to communicate effectively with management, fellow employees and customers. Employees are more likely to be loyal to your company and you can potentially decrease or stabilize your employee turnover rate.

1. Building of a Team Environment

When employees take advantage of your wellness program together, they form a closer connection. From working out together at a local gym to chatting about new health tips they learned about in a company-sponsored workshop, employees from different departments and levels of hierarchy have a unique opportunity to mix and mingle over non-work-related topics and activities. By building relationships, they’ll be more likely to ask each other for help and feel comfortable working across departments.


After you take care of the physical well being of your employees, it’s time to look after their financial situation.

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