4 Lessons Job Seekers Can Learn From The World Cup

Whether you’re an avid soccer fan or just cheering on your home nation, the World Cup is an exciting event. As you celebrate victories (go USA!) and embrace defeats over the next week, your focus and productivity might take a hit. While some things can wait, not everything can be put on hold until the finals are over – including your job search.

So let’s make the hours you spend watching the World Cup count! Here are four things job seekers can take away from watching the World Cup games:

1. Someone else wants that goal just as much as you do.

Always remember that job hunting is a competition. Even if the other candidates aren’t professional soccer players kicking balls at you at 60mph, it can be intimidating, especially in such a crowded job market. You need to be prepared and know your playbook (err.. resume!) so you can confidently talk about your experience and beat out the other applicants.

2. Even if it doesn’t go in, each shot is worth the effort.

If you knew your shot wasn’t going to be a goal, would you take it? Of course not – but that’s unfortunately not the way the game works! It’s frustrating to apply for job after job and see no results. But each application has the potential to be your dream job, so you need to make sure you’re putting in the full effort on each one. Would you want to be passed up for your dream job because you couldn’t take the extra minute to attach a cover letter, or because you failed to notice the typo in your resume? One shot can be the difference between winning and losing, and it would be a shame to throw that chance away.

3. Acknowledge assists, but take credit for your goals.

When you’re talking about your experience, chances are there were other people who helped you achieve success. Acknowledge the contributions of your team members, but make sure you highlight your specific contributions to the project that led to its success. The hiring team will want to hear howyou can contribute, not how your team members can.

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4. Make every second count.

You only get twenty, maybe thirty minutes of a recruiter’s time in an interview to convince them that you’re right for the job. Make sure you are prepared to hit on each of the points you want them to remember. And always, ALWAYS, ask questions! It’s an easy way to draw the recruiter into an “overtime” session and show them you’re truly interested in the position.

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